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The Agony of Defeat

Have you ever embarked upon a plan that you weren’t so successful at fulfilling?  I have been struggling on this post for a few weeks now.  I must admit defeat, throw the white flag in the air and launch my tail between my legs.  For those of you who know me…what I really need is to unload a particular foster dog before I get too attached and keep making dog references!  Continue reading The Agony of Defeat

The Long Haul

The Long Haul

Accomplishments usually come in the form of a finish. You set out to complete a goal, you map your course of action, you execute it and at the end of the tunnel is the light that is your accomplishment.  But how do you stay the course for the “long haul” while pursing a goal?

Continue reading The Long Haul

Fat Tuesday

Today I will thoroughly enjoy grazing by the office pitch in, which consists of high fat and caloric dips, cheeses, chips, cakes and cookies.  After all it is Fat Tuesday – time to celebrate!  Meanwhile in New Orleans, thousands stumble into the streets to catch a buzz and a few beads while in search of a restroom which quickly gives way to an alley.  What does Fat Tuesday mean to you?  Continue reading Fat Tuesday