The Long Haul

The Long Haul

Accomplishments usually come in the form of a finish. You set out to complete a goal, you map your course of action, you execute it and at the end of the tunnel is the light that is your accomplishment.  But how do you stay the course for the “long haul” while pursing a goal?

For instance, to quit a habit you do just that: Quit. You no longer choose to smoke, eat fatty food, drink alcohol or bite your nails. For a period of time, resisting the urge to fall back into that negative behavior is extremely difficult. Finding ways to distract oneself is highly important to “quitting”. Once you put enough time between the last time you indulged on that habit, the easier it is to no longer do it. You’ve quit and it is no longer an issue, in most cases.

On the other hand, maintaining a new healthy lifestyle that includes forcing oneself to “do” something is quite the opposite of quitting. Simply stated, it’s easy to be lazy. So how do you maintain a good workout routine and healthy food choices for the long haul? How do you mentally and physically conquer the never ending accomplishment?

I’ve had many conversations with both men and women about the swiftness in which ones waistline can change in the matter of a week. Suddenly it’s Friday and you realize that you haven’t been to the gym in….well….hmmm….

It has been 15 months since I made that first healthy step in this journey of mine. I quit smoking and I lost 20 pounds. I am running 15-20 miles a week. I am working out with a trainer as often as I can. The choice to not smoke has become very easy.

My internal motivation to stay on a regular workout routine has been very difficult lately. I only worked out twice last week; one 5K run and a 3 mile Run/Walk with my sister and 9 year old nephew. I am not on schedule to complete the half marathon I signed up for in May. I drank a quite a few beers over the weekend with my neighbors. I did not get on the scale this morning. I know it will not please me. How do I reach into my inner confidence to get back into a good routine?

I got busy with family, work and other life distractions. I must get on the scale. I cannot panic. I ate the French fries at lunch. I must let it go. Feeling guilty will only set me back even more than I already am. Having confidence in the fact that I lost the weight the first time should be reassurance enough to get me back into the workout routine.

Confidence is one way to get you through the long haul. Accountability is another. Having someone to push you and keep you on track is always helpful. Mixing up your routine is a great way to stay on track too.

My running shoes and workout clothes are packed for the week. I am headed to Las Vegas for the Bar and Nightclub Convention. I have penciled in some time to get an early morning run in on the Strip. I am actually looking forward to it. I will make it through this week and look to next. I will not give up and let guilt paralyze me into a state of unhealthy acceptance. Stay tuned for a running pic from the Vegas strip. I’m holding myself accountable this way.

I look forward to you sharing how you stay motivated to maintain your healthy living. We could all use a little motivation and discovery on the subject. Also, do you have any good gambling tips? What team will win next year’s Super Bowl!? What horse do you like for this year Kentucky Derby?

Stay healthy my friends!

Stay Healthy My Friends


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