Checking In & Holding Myself Accountable

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since I started counting my carbs and following a more strict diet plan.  So I thought it was time to check in and hold myself accountable for this portion of my journey!

In the last two weeks I also went on vacation. It was not so easy to stay on course that week.  In fact, I actually veered off course and ate as much local food as possible while also allowing myself a few treats (aka: French Fries).  Fresh oysters out of the back of a pick up truck was my low carb highlight of the week!

While on vacation, I did manage to get out for a run, hike in the El Yunque Rainforest and  do some small hikes and walks around our vacation community!  So I am not going to beat myself up for enjoying a few fried pieces of potato heaven!

Since returning home, I’ve convinced my husband to join me in my low carb plight! This is NOT going to be easy for him.  He loves bread and everything associated with carbs.  But he has made the commitment to join me and I couldn’t be happier because his support and partnership is everything in this journey.

What I have learned so far…

  • Staying under 50 carbs a day is not easy to do!
    • I have been averaging about 85 to 100 carbs per day to keep my sanity.  While I think that I could really buckle down and keep it at 50 or below, I don’t think it would be sustainable for the long haul.  And let’s face it…we need to make this work if we are going to sustain a good weight.
  • Keeping count keeps you accountable!
    • I look at the labels of everything I eat.  Every time.  It keeps you honest and it helps you make better decisions!
  • 50 to 85 carbs a day is still in the range of promoting weight loss – win win!
  • Girls Scout Cookies are the EVIL

2 thoughts on “Checking In & Holding Myself Accountable

    1. I’m here to help! Believe me…I may fall off this wagon and If I do…it will be into a bowl of pasta covered in french fries! I plan on posting some of the low carb dinner meals that James and I have been cooking lately! So those might help too!? Thanks for checking out my post! 🙂

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